Perfect Bait by Desiree Scott

Perfect Bait, by Desiree Scott is a spine-chilling short story that follows Allie, a young girl running away from an abusive past, who just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. At the beginning of the story, Allie is fleeing an absent mother and her abusive stepfather in search of aContinue reading “Perfect Bait by Desiree Scott”

The Winning Bid by Michelle Windsor

The Winning Bid, by Michelle Windsor is a tantalizing BDSM Romance story that follows the journey of Scarlett, an alter ego of Hannah, a new submissive to the club Baton Timide. Scarlett joins Baton Timide as a new submissive to quickly and discreetly earn the thirty thousand dollar down payment on a loan to purchaseContinue reading “The Winning Bid by Michelle Windsor”

The Little Lies by Marie F. Crow

The Little Lies, by Marie. F. Crow is a unique paranormal fantasy story that follows the journey of Harper Buckland, a death witch who uses her powers to help families find closure after their loved one’s untimely death. She works with her GiGi at her shop named Great Hexpectations where they cater to the town’sContinue reading “The Little Lies by Marie F. Crow”