Liver, Cabbage, and Knitting by Amy Gilley

Tales from the Crib & Beyond (Growing Pains Book 2)

Growing up during a war, a seventeen-year-old girl loses her home twice but learns to survive by writing poetry.

Escaping a war means leaving friends, home, and dreams behind. When Daima left Estonia, she took her suitcase, thinking she would go to Paris, writing poems in the cafes. Instead, she survived bombings, a train journey through Poland and Germany, near starvation, and loneliness. She relies on her surviving family, sister, and mother, as she recreates herself before she even finishes high school.

From writing poems in a cattle car driving through Poland to savoring a meal of boiled cabbage, Daima’s childhood flows through happy memories of games, pranks, and warmth to fragments of bombs and hunger. With a poet’s observant eye, Daima embraces her changing circumstances, finding beauty even in a plate of raw cabbage.

Her humor and patience provide an anchor for a family without a home, country, or a secure future.

In this search for understanding, he uses his past life follies to inform his present-day self of change; thereby, achieving recovery. A work-in-progress, a reward within itself, provides him with the knowledge he will prevail.

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