Books by MJ Marsten


The Afflicted Zodiac Trilogy

• Virgo Rising

• Retrograde

• Total Lunar Eclipse

(RH Fantasy, 8 men harem, enemies-to-lovers, astrology, twins/men like brothers, unique shifters, planetary gods, fated mates, mental bond, multi pov, romcom)

Liminal Academy Trilogy

• Evanescent

• Ephemeral

• Eternal

(Academy RH PNR spin-off from The Afflicted Zodiac, 3 men harem, unique shifters, gods, m/m, mental bond, multi pov, romcom)


• Once Upon A Time In December (Historical RH, 4 men harem, m/m, royalty, multi pov, Anastasia retelling)

• The Swan Empress (Historical fantasy RH, 4 men harem, brothers, multi pov, unique bird shifters, Swan lake retelling)

• Adventures in Sugarland (Fantasy RH, 5 men harem, Candyland meets Hansel and Gretel, multi pov, stepbrother taboo, daddy dom, m/m, royalty, TRIGGER WARNING)

• Unveiled: A Dark Ménage (Contemporary ménage, twins, royalty, TRIGGER WARNING)


• Motherf*cker (Contemporary RH, 4 men harem, innocent mcs, MC Club, fmc disguised, nun/priest taboo, m/m)

• Mate Date (PNR RH, 3 men harem, very unique shifters, fated mates, enemies-to-lovers, vibrator races, crazy aunt, multi pov)

• Hammer Time (Prison PNR RH co-write, 4 men harem, gods, Norse/Egyptian/Japanese/Incan mythology, multi pov, enemies-to-lovers, best friend romance, booby trap and shitty jokes)

• Hexed, Vexed, and Undersexed (PNR RH co-write, 3 men harem, witches, magic, enemies-to-lovers, crazy grandma, crafty puns–bahahaha)

• Imprismed (Fanstasy RH, 7 men harem, Beauty and the Beast meets Alice in Wonderland, royalty, rainbow/colors, pregnancy)

• Let’s Scrooge (Christmas Antho–O Come, O Come, Evangeline short from Motherf*cker)

Coming Soon

• A Cock and Bull Story (PNR RH, 4 men harem, f/f outside of harem, oddball shifter, romcom)

• Aurora (PNR RH, 3 men harem, WOC, romcom)

Note: All the harems except Motherf*cker and The Swan Empress have POC.

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