The Agents of William Marshal Volume II by Kathryn Le Veque

A Medieval Romance Bundle

England’s greatest knight is also the leader of the greatest Medieval spy ring the world has ever seen. Battling a king they hate but must keep alive, the agents of William Marshal’s stable risk life, limb, and love in this limited edition collection that is a must for your Kindle library.

Medieval Romance doesn’t get any better than this.

Experience the passion, romance, adventure, and politics of the High Middle Ages in Volume Two of The Agents of William Marshal. Discover the lives of the men also known as the Executioner Knights, who find their way in the brutal struggles of England’s history. Return to the days of kings and knights, of tournaments and battles in this Amazon-exclusive, limited-edition collection.

This bundle contains:

A Time of End – An Executioner Knight on a mission to prevent the death of the king.

The Whispering Night – One of the original Executioner Knights must go undercover… but will falling in love cost him everything?

Lord of the Sky – An Executioner Knight settles in a Welsh castle and falls in love with a local… and it could cost him.

Netherworld – Another original Executioner Knight confiscates a castle deep in Wales and finds deep, nasty secrets there.

Winter of Solace – An award-winning novel. An Executioner Knight seeks to settle a dispute, but gets much more than he bargained for.

Read this spectacular bundle for FREE in Kindle Unlimited! 

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