Posterity by Hans Romanov

Tales from the Crib & Beyond (Growing Pains Book 5)

Children learn about rules concerning public nudity in a series of compelling and humorous stories.

Who writes the rulebook for public nudity? Why do we change our behavior when others are naked? With humor and zest, this story investigates how children learn about the naked body.

In Posterity, the childhood memories made with family, friends, and loved ones, describe how young people develop their attitudes and beliefs towards nudity. Between school-friends, siblings, parents, and camp-counsellors, children are endlessly tested and conditioned by societal dress codes and public conformity. In the mind of a child, little is left to the imagination, and firm answers are hard to come by.

Romanov juxtaposes tense, yet hilarious memories to poke fun at the awkward gaps in the social codes surrounding nudity. Is it ethically wrong to catch someone in their underwear? Should you feel sorry for staring at a naked portrait? These recollections represent Romanov’s developing ideas concerning nudity as he progresses from a toddler to an adolescent in elementary, and then on into high school. In his experience, concrete boundaries lay few and far between, and customary practices are tossed to the wind. All that’s leftover is nail-biting improvisation from benevolent youth. Daring in its approach, this short story challenges readers to consider the naked body with fresh perspective: using the eyes of a child.

Books 1-4

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