Two Scandals Are Better Than One by Nancy Yeager

Harrow’s Finest Five Series Book 3

Winner of the Indie Reader Discovery Award!

A respectable viscount. A virtuous lady. A foray into London’s seedy underworld will unmask their secret desires.

After years of holding his crumbling family together, Edward, the upstanding Viscount Meriden, embarks on one night of reckless abandon at a notorious house of sin. There he meets a masked mystery woman and longs to uncover all her secrets. But when he realizes she’s an old friend on a dangerous mission, he insists on becoming her protector.

Miss Lucinda Wagner is the only woman in a family of men rumored to be spies. When her father goes missing, she infiltrates a treacherous world to find him. When her childhood friend “Steady Eddie” discovers her secret, he insists upon watching over her. To gain his silence, she accepts his help.

As Luci and Edward delve deeper into the criminal underworld and threats assail them from all sides, the only safe harbor in the city is in each other’s arms. Until the sparks between them threaten to ignite their long-denied passion.

The Harrow’s Finest Five Series books are stand-alone novels with no cliffhangers, and can be read in any order.

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