Ethan by April A. Luna

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(Kensington Cove World 1)

**This book is suitable for readers 18+ and contains cursing, strong sexual tension, and adult language/content.**

Lupine shifter Ethan Cotter, a member of the Shoshone clan, has a problem. And that curvaceous problem, with long, tantalizing legs has a name, Sadie Reed.

Sadie Reed, orphaned at birth, never knew her true family, but a clue sends her running to Kensington Cove. The day she arrives, a driving mishap lands her in the arms of one hot, sexy, leather-clad biker, Ethan Cotter.

The wolf in him stirred the moment they met. But Ethan’s worried his secret will scare her off. But Sadie has secrets of her own, secrets that will turn Kensington Cove into a battle zone for supremacy.

**Ethan is the adult version of the Kensington Cove World series by April A. Luna, the mainstream fiction name of author Michelle L. De La Garza. If you prefer sex free-books (for ages 14+), then the Michelle L. De La Garza’s Kensington Cove Realm version of Sadie for you.**

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