Promise of Wishing Rock by Lisa Colodny

**The Place Where Magic Lives Series Book 3 **

Their grandfather’s farm has always been a magical place for eleven-year old cousins, Liam and Samantha. Even before the wormhole in the woods transported them to the magical world of Nelliah where they encountered a variety of magical creatures with special powers, they’d known the farm and surrounding area was unlike any other place they’d ever been. 

The Promise of the Wishing Rock, finds the cousins deposited back to a time of ruthless outlaws and charming gun slingers. Imagine driving cattle hundreds of miles across the open terrain, befriended by Indians, enchanted by mythological little people, smitten by cowboy tales of the red ghost, and riding alongside Billy the Kid, himself into an adventure straight off the western plain. 

Will they once again find the mirror and walking stick that opens the channel between the worlds and find their way home? Or will they be forced to remain with the kind-hearted widow who offers then shelter from the winter’s cold. The battle of good versus evil continues as the cousins race to find their way back to their grandfather’s home and into the arms of their family and friends. 

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