Purple Haize by Joz Maxel

Devil’s Damned MC Book 1

I was born into a family that knew nothing but love and kindness, but the cruel hand of death took it away from me.

For years, I searched for a place to belong, to matter, to be a part of something bigger.
After a fight that resulted in a bloody nose and a bruised ego, I found one.
I found a family that knew everything about loyalty and respect; and profited on the vices of many.
In the chaos of the tough and resilient, I found a pair of violet eyes that would haunt me in my dreams until the day I made her mine. I was lost in her Purple Haze.

I fell for the girl that would one day break my heart. Death is a fickle thing: it can bring people closer together, or tear each other apart.

A failed attempt on her father, the MC President, the murder of her estranged sister, and a club her entire family belonged to fighting an unknown enemy, Hazel had no choice but to come back home.

And rekindle the love I thought was dead.
My name is Vance Montgomery.
Sergeant at Arms, Devil’s Damned Motorcycle Club

This is our story.

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