Unveiled by MJ Marstens

A Dark Menage

They say time heals all wounds, but the sands of time have frozen in this one terrible moment of my pain.  I can choose to become one with the ashes or I can choose to rise above them.

Sold into slavery, Phoebe Adams’ story starts off no differently than the thousands of other women abused daily in similar situations.  What is different is that Phoebe fights back. 

And wins. 

But at a terrible price. 

Fleeing for her life, Phoebe disguises herself as a Muslim widow and finds sanctuary in a hidden, desert oasis kingdom.  Ruled by twin brothers, Kerim and Raqib, they grant Phoebe asylum, but will they show the same mercy when they learn her secret?

This story isn’t about the abuse, the betrayal, the heartbreak, or the pain and suffering. 

No, this story is about the grit, the perseverance, the sheer determination of one woman to find herself amidst the ashes of her life that has burned to the ground around her.

It’s about digging deep within and UNVEILINGthe truth found inside ourselves.

WARNING: This standalone dark ménage is for readers 18+. There are elements of nonconsensual sexual acts, abuse, sex trafficking, child abuse, torture, and murder. Although not the highlight of the story, these parts may be triggers for some readers.

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