The Castellina Curse by Cate Deluca

**Meet Tanaquil Greenough, archaeology grad student with a sixth sense for danger.

Plucky archaeology grad student Tanaquil Greenough has a secret weapon she often uses to sniff out hidden features and finds, an instinct she calls her “Tanny sense.” But her other super-power is less useful, and more likely to keep her from finishing her doctorate at all: her good looks and sweet nature, which have attracted the attention of not only the gorgeous and unscrupulous photographer Marc Short, but also Tanny’s married academic advisor, James Pericles Lewis, himself under constant threat of seduction by adoring students of both sexes.

How will she work closely with Dr. Lewis without getting them both into hot water, or worse, into danger with ruthless antiquities smugglers, particularly once they open a pair of mysterious underground chambers, full of offerings of gold and blood, and release a pair of demons into the upper air of Italy? And what about Tanny’s extremely unusual godfather, a shape-shifting warlock living in Florence who claims to be her great-grandfather and has a yen to be her partner for life?
Should he be trusted to help when the demons threaten to bring sickness and madness upon everyone at the site? It’s a conundrum indeed, but nothing Tanny can’t handle!

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