Baby It’s Hot Outside by Harper Cross

Agents of HEAT Book 0

It’s Christmas Eve in Vegas, and I swiped right on the wrong guy.

My once-promising espionage career’s in a ditch, my love life’s on life support, and I’ve just been stood up by bleached blond Johnny “the lounge lizard” Cisnero. I’m getting over it, though, because Mr. Tall, Dark and Delicious has sauntered up to me at the bar and is plying me with stupid-expensive drinks. Either my luck is looking up or something shady is about to go down. Is the hottest first date of my life a Christmas miracle or one more bad choice?

Baby It’s Hot Outside is the prequel short story for the Agents of HEAT series: a sexy cocktail of romantic suspense with a shot of action & adventure, a dash of snark, and a twist of fun. You won’t want to miss a minute of these exciting new romances about smokin’ hot, off-the-books secret agents who work hard and play harder.

Buy It at Amazon for 99 CENTS.

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