Finance by Lexy Timms

(Undercover Boss Series Book 2)

Who’s the New Guy?

Katie Walters and Adam Miller have one mission: Find the person stealing millions of dollars from Adam’s company, and get them behind bars.

They’ve gone to the Houston branch of his company and donned personas as regular employees, hoping to get a breakthrough, but when their first suspect doesn’t pan out, it looks like they’d failed.

Now they have a list of three more suspects, all of them equally guilty. The problem is, one of them is Katie’s new best friend.

The other problem is Katie and Adam’s growing attraction for each other—and their unwillingness to play by the rules when it comes to an employee dating her boss.

Distracted by their mounting feelings and always a step behind the thief, the two would-be partners find themselves once again about to miss out on their suspect… and fall deeper into the complicated love story that is starting to dominate their lives.

Be the player, not the piece…

Undercover Boss Series
Book 1 – Marketing
Book 2 – Finance
Book 3 – Legal

This is part two of a 3 book series with steamy scenes, a billionaire boss undercover, and an atrraction that just can’t be denied.

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