Brides with Blades by Kathryn Le Veque

Medieval Romance Bundle

Four Kathryn Le Veque Medieval Romance novels with strong women who know how to use a sword!

Enjoy this limited edition re-released collection – over 900 pages of Medieval Romance action with a guaranteed Happily Ever After for all! Purchase your copy OR read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

Make sure to snap up this fabulous collection for your Le Veque library. When strong, independent women meet strong, independent men, passion and excitement is born. Welcome to the world of Medieval pageantry where borders have no meaning, the men are driven, and the women are tough as nails. Female empowerment has a whole new meaning in BRIDES WITH BLADES collection. This bundle includes:

Serpent: A de Wolfe daughter isn’t meant to be crossed. The daughter of England’s greatest knight is a great knight in her own right. Trouble ensues when she marries a Welshman who doesn’t particularly want a wife.

Lady of the Moon: Our heroine is a highway robber known as “Lady of the Moon”.

Tender is the Knight: The hero’s sister is a full-fledged knight in this intricate adventure.

Deep Into Darkness: Our heroine is an excellent knight, now having to protect her ill husband in this spooky, romantic tale.

Bonus chapters of The Red Fury included – A heroine protects her castle at all costs until a mercenary knight shows up.

Quality books, quality heroines, quality heroes that you’ll fall in love with. Read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

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