Crown of Remorse by Marie F. Crow

The Siren Series Book 2

When Verona was left on a deserted beach under a moon-filled night, she knew she wouldn’t be able to return home until her Aunt Morlena and her mother secured their kingdom. She never excepted it would be up to her to secure the entire Siren’s future. 

Kurt, unwilling to accept his defeat has ran to the oldest magic their race knows – The Old Ones, the beginning of all of their lines and the keeper of their laws. In his anger, not only has he awoken ancient magic, but also vengeful souls who will seep into their lives to overtake them with their desires for revenge. 

Verona must fully embrace all that she is to combat a war started long before her birth. A war tainted with remorse and sorrow. A war which not only altered her life, but the lives of all the Twin Borns before her. She must choose if her crown is worth the price being placed upon it or the lives it will cost to abandon it. Betrayal comes with a heavy burden. It comes with Remorse.

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