The Winds of Change by Lillian Marek

Lords of Sussex Book 3

She is rooted in the traditions of the past. He envisions a different future.

LADY CLARA GRAMMONT, daughter of an earl and niece of a duke, has the world at her feet, or so it must seem to those looking on. However, she is bored by the gloss and gossip of polite society. She is tired of gentlemen who see nothing but her status and her dowry and expect her to be charmed by their posturing.

JOHN SMITH is the orphaned son of a poor shopkeeper. He has grown wealthy through his own efforts and is now committed to bringing England into a new age. He can see the enormous benefits that railways can bring, transporting goods cheaply and enabling people to travel quickly. He despises the idle aristocrats who will stand in the way of progress to protect a fox hunt, but he needs approval from Parliament to build the railway. And he needs the support of Lady Clara’s uncle, the powerful Duke of Ashleigh, to get that approval.

Lady Clara is intrigued by the idea of a railway. To the distress of her family, she is even more intrigued by John Smith. He in turn finds himself far too attracted by Lady Clara and is in danger of losing sight of his reason for meeting her. Then the powerful forces opposing the railway put both of them in danger

They must defy everyone to be together.

Lords of Sussex
The Earl Returns
The Debt of Dishonor

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