Farra and The Prince of Fury by Taylor Lee

Resilient Hearts Book 1

Trusting him could get her killed; trusting her is his only chance to survive.

Love carved from vulnerable moments make a bond not easily broken. Not all love is healthy, though.

Eighteen-year-old Farra SinClair–lost at sea during the fiery war–now lives as a servant to humans. This half Mur Queen, half Helyein Princess, knows her father’s enemy, the Prince of Fury, is hunting for her, and she has done everything she can to hide. But when her friends force her to stray from safety, her worst fear comes true, forced captivity.

Farra sees Rivyn as the vicious monster she’s always been afraid of but soon realizes she needs his help. He’s the only one who knows a way back over the sea and the truth about her family. When he agrees to assist her, but with controlled, set conditions, she discovers it’s her fiery protection that he wants most.

Bound together by the chains of mutual need, he plays her games to stay alive but will not give up his quest for vengeful murder. 

Farra and Rivyn enter into a brutal battle of slippery negotiations, testing her strength, moral compass, and patience. But uncovering what fuels his violence softens her heart.

When another way to return home arises, is it Rivyn’s blade at her throat–or something else that keeps Farra captive for the Prince of Fury?

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