The Strength to Endure by Wj May

Royal Factions Book 6

NewRelease ☆❥¸.•*´¨)☆❥ There’s only so long you can hold back the tide…

With the weight of a kingdom behind her, Elise is ready to go back to where it all began…but who will be waiting when she arrives?

Old secrets come to light, as a horrible truth is finally revealed. Friendships shatter and strain, as each of the friends is called upon to make that final sacrifice.

The players are ready. The stage is set.

But who will be standing when the dust finally clears?

Royal Factions Free Book The Price for Peace – Book 1 *

The Cost for Surviving – Book 2

The Punishment for Deception – Book 3

Faking Perfection – Book 4T

he Most Cherished – Book 5

Other Retailers Royal Factions

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