Olympus by Fred Lauver

A Science Fiction Short (DLG Original Book 1)

Centuries after Earth’s apocalypse, Adam and the Moon city of Olympus have one mission—save humanity from extinction.

Generations after a climatic apocalypse annihilated life on Earth, Adam and the surviving 525,000 human descendants live contained in an egalitarian society on the Moon. The Lunar Council controls every facet of life and demands the inhabitants devote every waking moment to securing the survival of man.

When a toxic shroud covers the Earth, the Council and his father put the fate of Olympus, and the other six domed cities, on Adam’s shoulder. With no guarantee of survival, Adam and his assigned mate must descend from Olympus on a one-way mission to the planet’s surface. On land, they must survive Earth’s gravity, which differs from living on the Moon. If he succeeds, more Lunarians will follow to repopulate the Earth and give humanity a second chance.

Adam’s restless dream to end civilization’s exile comes with a bittersweet price—he must leave behind family and the woman he loves forever.

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