Illusion of Shadows by WJ May

Kerrigan Kids Book 7

It’s time to pick a side…

When Aria and her friends discover Dorian’s secret, they find themselves faced with a choice. Will they pledge themselves solely to the Privy Council, an organization sometimes hampered by its own moral obligation to see in only black and white? Or is there room to operate within a shade of grey?

Compromises are made, standards are adjusted. Bit by bit, the friends find themselves slipping to the point where it’s almost impossible to see where they started.

A storm is coming. There’s only so long you can straddle two worlds, before they eventually collide. Will the gang find their way back across the lines that divided them?

Or will they find themselves lost on the other side?

Kerrigan Kids

Book 1 – School of Potential

Book 2 – Myths & Magic

Book 3 – Kith & Kin

Book 4 – Playing With Power

Book 5 – Line of Ancestry

Book 6 – Descent of Hope

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