Guilt Of My Past by WJ May

Kerrigan Kids Book 9 ***New Release

It’s hard to see a cage until the door finally swings shut…

When Aria and her friends wake up after the deadly explosion, they realize the nightmare they thought was over has only just begun. The cards have finally been laid upon the table, and the evil they thought they’d been chasing, has been in front of them the entire time.

Trapped in an underground bunker with no way out, the gang is locked in an epic struggle against their former mentor—a man whose plans for them are just getting off the ground.

Can they figure out his terrible secret? Can they find a way back home?

When the dust settles, will there even be a home to go back to…?

Book 1 – School of Potential

Book 2 – Myths & Magic

Book 3 – Kith & Kin

Book 4 – Playing With Power

Book 5 – Line of Ancestry

Book 6 – Descent of Hope

Book 7 – Illusion of Shadows

Book 8 – Frozen by the Future

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