Lessons in Scanda by Avery Maitland

Her Majesty’s Matchmaker Book 1

“Dearest Diary, you will not believe the lengths that I must go to secure my place as the Queen’s favorite… gossip in the court is spreading, but I will tell only you my secrets.” 

Welcome to book 1 in this exciting new series from best selling author Avery Maitland.

Scandal. Spectacle. Ruin. 

A spy in the bedchambers of London’s elite, Constance must provide her royal mistress with gossip and amusement, or risk losing her own place in court and face the ruin of her family and reputation.

Luckily for Constance, a new arrival at court provides a welcome distraction, and an opportunity to teach her royal patroness a Lesson in Scandal.

Even before the young lady is presented to the Queen there whispers from those who doubt the girl’s parentage. Raised far from London society, does Ariana Lytton even have a chance to secure a good match in the short time left in the London season?

But now that the young lady has been presented to the Queen, a challenge has been set. One that even Constance may find impossible to manage.

Miss Lytton has secrets of her own, and when a potential match is presented, a dashing Viscount, no less, she must decide whether or not she is willing to sacrifice what little independence she has found to stem the tide of scandal that threatens to sweep her away.

Her Majesty’s Matchmaker is a steamy Regency Romance series featuring a determined heroine who will stop at nothing to make her own way in the world, all while navigating the sometimes dangerous world of the Royal Court.

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Her Majesty’s Matchmaker
Lessons in Scandal
Lessons in Spectacle
Lessons in Ruin

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