Masters of Medieval Romance by Kathryn Le Veque

Series Starters Volume II

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Through the mists of time, knights emerge to forge a nation, to win battles, and to capture the hearts of their fair ladies. These are men of iron, of steel, of swords and shields, and the ladies they love are strong, fearless, and beautiful. Be swept away into the greatest of Historical Romances, where shades of Ivanhoe meet up with echoes of Excalibur, and everything in between. These series starters are gateways into worlds and families who are timeless, exciting, and endearing. 

This collection contains:

The Thunder Lord – The Earl of Coventry and a Welsh princess battle against Simon de Montfort.

Shield of Kronos – The king’s champion must make a choice… career or love.

The Red Lion – A Scotsman and a Welsh warrior woman adds up to intrigue on the Marches.

Vestiges of Valor – An award-winning novel. The Sheriff of Hampshire is unwitting involved in the assassination of Thomas de Becket… and it could spell disaster.

Tender is the Knight – A gentle knight wants peace but finds love and betrayal instead.

Indulge in this splendid series starter bundle in Kindle Unlimited – binge reading at its best!

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