Only 1 Date by Emerys Lawson

The Only Series book 1

A single detour can change a person’s entire life: flight attendant Mia Carter finds herself halfway around the world in a different country, in the wrong hotel room with a strange, hot man, and nowhere else to go.

Mia Carter’s no stranger to flying, short, long, or extended destinations. It doesn’t matter. She’s always ready and willing to put on her uniform with a smile and fly The Friendly Skylines.

On the job, she’s poised, in control, and her career choice makes it easy to see the world in all its beauty. She’s a planner, always using charts and schedules to map out the seconds, minutes, days, weeks, and months of her life and the lives of the passengers when entrusted in her care.

When food poisoning puts the pilot and co-pilot out of commission on a routine flight from the United States to England, it pushes her to take matters into her own hands. Improvising, she lands the plane with the help of the hot guy occupying seat 212B.

Exhausted from a long flight, she wants only one thing—a relaxing bath to melt away the stress and tension of the day. So, she soaks in a tub of bubbles, only to discover someone else occupies her suite,Passenger 212B. And he’s more than willing to take control to help her relax and release some of that bottled-up sexual tension.

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