Heistdom: 6 Book Series by Lexy Timms

Audio Box Set!

From Book One:

He stole more than just her heart.

Naomi Stone is a woman of action, who takes risks others would run from. While building a global empire which helps nongovernmental organizations, she’s always looking for opportunities to expand her horizon, until she met him.

He stole more than just her heart.

Edward Gleason is a man of many talents and probably one of the greatest thieves in the world. Stealing from multinational businesses and CEOs, he’s built a name for himself within the community of gentlemen thieves. Together with his literal partner in crime Maximilian Hansen, he’s reached the pinnacle of success.

The stakes change when a mysterious client offers him an invitation – an opportunity – to a challenge beyond anything he’s ever dreamed of. If he refuses, everything he’s done up to this moment would be for nothing. But accepting might cost him the woman he’s coming to love.

Edward’s response?

Let the games begin. 

Heistdom series: 

  • Master Thief 
  • Gold Mine 
  • Diamond Heist 
  • Smile for Me 
  • Your Move 
  • Green with Envy 

Lexy Timms is a USA Today best-selling author. She loves putting pen to paper on any type of romance. Professional thief and incredibly hot Edward tries to figure his way around Naomi. A woman about to teach him a lesson in love. Lexy would like you to note that this story may end on a slight cliff-hanger.

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