Charisse Tarren and the Black Pendant by Iuliana Foos

**A Family Legacy Book 4**

The greatest power one can possess doesn’t come from light or darkness, but from a place of love.

When Charisse and Draxen meet shortly after the peace proclamation in the galaxy, they discover the fighting is far from done. In search of answers, they unite efforts against fate, risking their lives for each other.

The most known White Templar healer in the galaxy, Charisse Tarren, always felt a piece was missing in her life—her identity. Raised as an orphan by the templars, she lets a vision lure her in with the promise of an important discovery. But what will she find at the end of the rocky road?

Lord Draxen Harett, a member of the Dark Circle, is the one initiating the first peace treaty in the galaxy after hundreds of years of war. His parents’ spirits appear before him, sending him to a forgotten world, where he must make a moment’s decision—one which could influence the future of the entire galaxy.

Brought together by unexpected circumstances, and overtaken by their feelings for each other, Charisse and Draxen will have to unite their efforts and fight once again. Will they discover their purpose before one of them dies, or will fate defeat them?

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