Relentless Chaos by Lexy Timms



Rule #1: Never be #2

One city. Two rival families.

The Donahues are the richest, most powerful family in the city of Albion. Their rivals, the O’Malleys, are the most dangerous. Both sides want to rule the city’s criminal underworld, but only one family can win.

Since childhood, Selene O’Malley has been taught that it is her destiny to topple the Donahues and take over the city. As she works to expand her father’s criminal empire, that destiny is within reach. All she has to do is destroy her enemies. Except, when Conrad Donahue is shot on her doorstep, Selene can’t bring herself to let him die. Even if the cost is her chance to rule Albion.

Conrad Donahue manages to survive a shooting thanks to the daughter of his family’s bitter enemy. As he recovers Conrad’s feelings for her grow, and he knows that the only way to cool his desire for her is if she warms his bed. He knows that Selene wants him, but the most ruthless woman he has ever met will never admit to anything.

With a cold-blooded assassin out to get them, Conrad and Selene will have to find a way to work together to stop their common enemy before he strikes again. Putting aside old hatreds won’t be nearly as hard as letting go of their desires.

And getting a mob princess like Selene to surrender to him will be the most dangerous challenge that Conrad has ever faced.

The City of Mayhem Series

Book 1 – True Mayhem

Book 2 – Relentless Chaos

Book 3 – Broken Disorder

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