One stop shop for Dragonblade preorders


The Promise of Love by Meara Platt 7/01/21❧

Lessons in Scandal by Avery Maitland 7/6/21❧

A Governess of Discretion by Emily EK Murdoch 7/8/21❧

Sleepless in Southampton by Chasity Bowlin 7/13/21❧

Wild Earl Chase by Anna Markland 7/15/21❧

Discouraging the Duke by Alexa Aston 7/16/21❧

The Wayward Son by Caroline Warfield 7/22/21❧

Spinster Sister by Elise Marion 7/29/21❧

Lady Mary’s Dangerous Encounter by Cheryl Bolen 8/10/21❧
Lord Scot by Jade Lee 10/29/21❧

Highlander’s Promise by Mary Wine 7/20/21❧

Lyon Eyes by Lynne Connelly 7/21/21❧

Heart of a Storme by Sandra Sookoo 8/3/21❧

Wonder of Love by Meara Platt 10/1/21❧

Upon a Midnight Dreary Collection 10/21/21❧

Star of Wonder Collection 11/11/21❧

Star of Light Collection 11/11/21❧

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