Kalina Theus and the Death Vision by Iuliana Foos

**A Family Legacy Book 2**

In a war-torn world, a family is the most precious legacy one can leave behind.

Enemies with opposite personalities are forced to work together, creating a volatile concoction that could save lives, destroy them, or even restart war in the galaxy.

Kalina, a smuggler turned spy, joined The Independent’s Coalition, and has fought alongside them for the past ten years. After the peace treaty, unforeseen circumstances throw her in an unwilling cooperation with one of the most known Dark Knights, Lord Aeven Tebbet.

A warrior, raised and shaped during a time of war, Lord Aeven Tebbet, gifted with visions received from the flames of the eternal fire, has to unite efforts with the enemy, the foxy Captain K. Theus, a spy with emerald eyes and more personality than his whole fleet together.

The vision of his own death, involving Captain K. Theus, sets Aeven on a new path, and feelings inside his heart in an unstoppable avalanche.

Will Kalina accept Aeven’s love, knowing they will die together if she does, or vanish into the night?

**This is a sweet, closed door romance for ages 14+.

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Thane Tebbet Theus and the Chasing Dreams (A Family Legacy Book 4)

Radox Harett and the Lost Daughter (A Family Legacy Book 5)

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