Rise of The Prophecy by WJ May

Kerrigan Kids Book 11 ***New Preorder

Our enemy has a name…

At long last, the Kerrigan gang discovers the identity of the man who’s been hunting them, but has the information come too late? Barricaded away at the family compound in Scotland, they struggle to come up with a strategy, but some betrayals cut too deep.

Secrets are dragged into the open and the fight is not theirs alone. Old grudges are the hardest to break and the seeds of discontent have already started to spread.

Can the friends right the wrongs of the past? Can they set back the clock and reclaim what is theirs? Or will they find cost of such salvation is too much to bear…?

Book 1 – School of Potential

Book 2 – Myths & Magic

Book 3 – Kith & Kin

Book 4 – Playing With Power

Book 5 – Line of Ancestry

Book 6 – Descent of Hope

Book 7 – Illusion of Shadows

Book 8 – Frozen by the Future

Book 9 ~ Guilt of my Past

Book 10~ Demise of Magic

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