Suits You, Sir by Lexy Timms

Strength & Style Book 1

Every great design begins with an even better story…

When I designed my first suit, I never imagined it would lead to the kind of success I’ve found. The popularity of my company is soaring, the orders rolling in, and there’s no sign of slowing down. It’s amazing!

But, when my assistant decides to leave, I need to replace her fast. As soon Noelle walks through the door, I know she is exactly what I want, in more ways than one. Her organization, brilliant eye, and refreshingly blunt style has me falling hard and I go so far as to change company bylaws to ensure I can pursue her. But with success comes unwanted attention.

I’ve tried to keep my company and personal life out of the media, but it isn’t easy with a vindictive ex trying to convince everyone she is actually the brains behind my company. I have more to defend now and I’ll do anything I have to do it.

Strength & Style Series

Book 1 – Suits You, Sir

Book 2 – Tailor Made

Book 3 – Perfect Gentleman

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