Sweet Temptations by Lexy Timms

(The Millionaire’s Pretty Woman Series Book 3)

In that perfect stranger, I found my fairytale…

Olivia Cadwell—or Parker, if you wanted to know the truth—hadn’t stepped into Leo Folley’s world expected to want to stay.

But when he encourages her to open her own bakery and make her dreams come true, and then offers to invest in the bakery to make sure it happens, she starts to have second thoughts about the plans she had for leaving.

Of course, there are problems with the idea of staying. Her mother’s boyfriend, who’s still hunting her. Leo’s inability to commit. And his newest plan, where he finally takes all the control out of her hands with the intention of reuniting her with a father she’s never met and wants nothing to do with.

When all the chips are down, Olivia has one very big decision to make: She’s let him off the hook before. But is she willing to do it again?

Or is this the time when Leo’s need to be in control finally outdoes the love she’s starting to feel for him… and the future she thought they could have together?

A job is a job… until you’re the bosses pretty woman.

The Millionaire’s Pretty Woman Series

  • Book 1 – Perfect Stranger
  • Book 2 – Captive Devotion
  • Book 3 – Sweet Temptations

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