To Win Her Honor by Verna Cyril

Blood and Nobility Book 1

Welcome to book one in the wonderful new series Blood and Nobility from the very talented Verna Cyril.

Lilianna, the oldest daughter of Baron Wilthermore, decides to pay an unchaperoned visit to Lord Jarrick Warren, the Earl of Sittcliff. Her father is known for misuse of his money. Fearing destitution, Lilianna must seek help from someone with wealth and power. She makes up her mind to seduce Jarrick, but little does she know, he does not take orders, and certainly not from women.

Jarrick finds a beautiful woman in his bed, intending to use her grace and charm to solicit money from him. Unimpressed, he doesn’t surrender to the little nymph’s ploy. Out of duty, he grants her the sum requested and dismisses her. However, once he discovers his visitor’s true identity, she is the gentle-bred daughter of Baron Wilthermore, he demands that she fulfill her end of the bargain and spend the night with him.

And many more if he gets his way…

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Blood and Nobility
To Win Her Honor
To Win Her Heart
To Win Her Virtue

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