Tricking the Mob Boss by Lexy Timms

A Dark Mafia Romance Series Book 6

EVIL begins when you start to treat people as things…

One last showdown.

One last fight.

And one last chance to make sure that I keep the woman I love safe—along with the sweet baby she’s carrying.

My brother and her ex are out for blood, but I’m ready to fight for Charlotte and for our future together.

When a betrayal happens from inside the family, I realize it’s going to be harder than I thought.

Can we fight the odds to stay alive—and stay together?

Book 1 – Taken By The Mob Boss
Book 2 – Truce With The Mob Boss
Book 3 – Taking Over The Mob Boss
Book 4 – Trouble For The Mob Boss
Book 5 – Tailored By The Mob Boss
Book 6 – Tricking By The Mob Boss

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