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New Releases!!!!

Aurora Hunter ** Kindle Vella** Vengeance

➡️ https://amzn.to/2XqOeGr

In a war-torn world, a family is the most precious legacy one can leave behind. Enemies forced to work together, and clashing personalities, could save lives, destroy them, or restart war in the galaxy. Kaya, a temperamental smuggler turned spy, and Aros, an energy user warrior raised and shaped during a time of war, are forced to work together in unforeseen circumstances. The vision of his own death, sets Aros on a new path, and the line between enemies to lovers gets blurred.

Taylor Lee** Kindle Vella** Resilient Hearts

➡️ https://amzn.to/37IVKyh

Trusting him could get her killed; trusting her is his only chance to survive. Love carved from vulnerable moments make a bond not easily broken. Not all love is healthy, though. Farra SinClair, lost at sea during war, grew up a servant to humans. This half Mur Queen, half Helyein Princess, knows her father’s enemy hunts for her, and she has done everything she can to hide. But when her friends force her to stray from safety, her worst fear comes true. She’s held captivity by her nemesis.

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