Tales from the Crib & Beyond by Kevin Ramos, Amy Gilley, Andrea Eschen, Hans Romanov, & Bethany Reid

Growing Pains Series

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From Book 1: Some wounds don’t heal, but the scars left behind can be beautiful and funny. 

Enough is the recollections of a man struggling to understand his Love/Hate/Oye Vey relationship with his addict mother, and why he can’t seem to remember where she’s buried. 

After a lifetime of abuse and neglect, a man chooses to spend the last two weeks of his mother’s life in a hospital with her–mostly to comfort her fears and to make sure she is never coming back. 

Death comes and takes her, leaving him alone, scared, and living a life without meaning. The sole heir of the family goods–disease, addiction, and alcoholism–leaves him broken, plunging downhill on an emotional rollercoaster. 

In his search for understanding, he uses his past life follies to inform his present-day self of change; thereby, achieving recovery. A work-in-progress, a reward within itself, provides him with the knowledge he will prevail.

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