Rapunzel Locks and the Conjure Woman by J.F. Hunter

DLG Twisted Fairy Tales for Young Adult Readers 14+)

When darkness meets light, will love be enough to conquer all?

“Rapunzel Locks And The Conjure Woman” is an urban fairy tale, love thriller set in South Central Los Angeles. 

Rapunzelocks, raised by an old woman who has more than the young woman’s general well being on her mind, learns things aren’t always what they seem. Along with her biological parents, Rapunzel soon discovers truths that she never thought possible.

In a whirlwind of magic and intrigue, she finds herself caught between a budding romance with a charming prince and a spiteful, powerful entity driven by power lust.

Step into the fantastical world of fairy tales and discover a twist of fantasy to the classic tale of Rapunzel.

**A Twisted Fairy Tale for ages 14+**

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