Devil’s Footsteps By Lexy Timms

I think I’m going to use this one:

They say it is not the fall that kills you.
Maybe for humans this is true. Perhaps one could go on falling forever, and yet live on. I have heard them say you can get used to anything.
Among my people, though, it is the Fall itself that is the end.
It is not, as you might imagine, a literal casting out. No god throws us down from on high. It is, like many things, a process: one decision laid on top of another until you realize suddenly that you are too far gone to turn back. It is too late to do anything but go on Falling. Or so, at least, it went for me.
I did not rebel. There was no grand gesture or sweeping denunciation of our values. Only Nik, and the hundred little ways in which I betrayed those who had been my people to stand by his side.
I Fell not because I hated humans, but because I loved one of my own…


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