Unladylike by L.D Curtis

☆~☆Now Available is Audio~☆~☆

An Erotic Short Story (DLG Original Book 4)

The only thing more dangerous than his desire to please and protect her is his hunger for her unbridled fury.

Ponder lives in a small town with her mother. The nearest neighbor resides less than five miles away. Behind the door of her childhood home, dark secrets lurk, shielded from the outside world. Inside the darkness, she’s forced to perform sexual acts for men, a ‘job’ her guardian enlisted her for at the tender age of eight.

On her eighteenth birthday, she makes a wish for freedom, then blows out the candles with one thought–run away and never look back. She meets Stylus, a young man who holds the key to her freedom. He has access to the outside world, a place she knows nothing about. Inseparable from her newfound friend, she learns to venture out, to experience newfound freedoms, and to trust.

Despite living a safe, full life free from the clutches of her mother, anger eats at her. Unable to forgive or forget the men who took her youth and innocence, she yearns for retribution. She wants them to pay for what they did, with their blood, and that of their children.

When her assailants plan a party, she sets the groundwork to even the playing field. Walking on borrowed time, and with the clock ticking, the men sleep, snug in their beds, oblivious to the wrath brewing and the chaos ready to unleash at the hands of a girl called Ponder.

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