Dark Gardens Box Set by Meara Platt

Limited Time Only – A Boxed Set from Meara Platt!

Welcome come to the Dark Gardens boxed set by USA Today Bestselling author Meara Platt. Come along for a journey to the vicarage of St. Lodore’s, where magical bluebell gardens serve as portals to the faerie world and the ominous red mountain known as Friar’s Crag is the battleground for Fae, Dragon Lords and mortals.

Included in this set:

Book 1: Garden of Shadows – Danger lurks for Julia Marsden, the daughter of the late vicar of St. Lodore’s Church in the quiet village of Borrowdale.

Book 2: Garden of Light – Cadeyrn, King of the Woodland Faeries, is desperate to find the mortal young woman with powerful magical abilities who will fall in love with him and fulfill an ancient Fae prophecy.

Book 3: Garden of Dragons – Demon blood runs in the Draloch men, and for this reason, many believe Saron Blakefield, the fearsome Duke of Draloch, holds the key to the destruction of the demonic underworld as foretold in the Fae prophecy etched in the Stone of Draloch. But fighting demons comes at a high price, for he loses a piece of his soul with each battle.

Bonus Content: Charlie story from Garden of Shadows

Grab this fabulous boxed set for a limited time only!!

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