The Final Score by Lexy Timms

New Release

The Golden Game Book 5

Talk with your feet, play with your heart…

Amelia left.

To the other side of the world, America, just to get away from me—well, the mess that surrounds her when she’s with me, at least.

I can’t let her go just like that.

Whatever we have, it’s too powerful to let slip through our fingers like that, and I know I have to go after her.

Except leaving puts everything on the line for me.

How much am I willing to lose to get Amelia back? And what kind of life is waiting for us if I manage to convince her just how much I care about her?

The Golden Game

Book 1 – On The Pitch
Book 2 – Respect the Game
Book 3 – All Game
Book 4 – Sweat and Tears
Book 5 – The Final Score


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