Jackson Mann by Pat Hanratty


Reawakened Mysteries Book 3

Blurb: Jackson Mann remembers his murder—in another life, from another time.

This opens a door he must walk through at his own peril.

In his current life, he continues many of the habits of his previous personality, such as jogging, drumming his fingers, and eating food vastly different from his family.

Jack desperately wants to find the killer, as well as learn what has become of Moore’s wife, the lovely Arianna. Searching on the web, he discovers a psychiatrist, Dr. Everette Sloan, who studies cases like his. So, he sends an e-mail to Sloan, and the doctor contacts his parents to arrange a visit.

After an initial meeting, things come to an impasse because Jack wants Fredrick Kessler, his mentor in that past life, involved in the meeting. Kessler arrives two weeks later and, the last meeting comes to a shocking conclusion.

Reawakened Mysteries Book 1 & 2
➡️ https://amzn.to/3ofQDeQ

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