Kensington Cove by April A. Luna

Step into the perilous world of rebellious fae, who fight to keep the masquerade of an ancient society’s existence a secret. Since the beginning, when the first skinwalker ancestors, the lupines, shed their skins and transformed from wolves into men, shifters have roamed the earth as man and wolf. As the first people, they watched the evolution of humankind and were soon named the guardians of the world and the watchers of humanity. But the shifters discovered they shared something in common with man: an infinity for both good and evil and a growing desire to claim the hearts of the sons and daughters of human men. Join the Kensington Cove residences as they stake claim to their one true soul mate and safeguard the masquerade. This story is suitable for readers 18+, contains profanity, strong sexual tension, violence, gore, and graphic sexual content, as well as adult language & themes.

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