Revamped Series by WJ May

In a future where the sky is going dark, can two outcasts find the strength to make a difference?

Tabitha Maslov is a vampire.

Though she is one of the dark kindred who rule the cities, she looks with disdain on the actions of her kin: blood banks and enforced donations, the ‘Solar Stability’ factories that belch out smoke to darken the sun. She remembers what it was to be human, and when she refuses to take part in one of Archon’s brutal culls of mortal dissenters, she is cast out of vampire society.

Branded a Feral, Tay is denied access to every Elder sanctuary and every comfort she once knew. In the streets of Brooklyn, starving and alone, the hunter becomes the hunted and only the intervention of a mysterious stranger saves her.

But salvation comes with a cost. Tay’s savior is keeping secrets, and his involvement throws her headfirst into a web of intrigue and danger she never imagined.

Kaiden Ottaker is a monster.

Once, he was a member of one of the Shifter packs that haunt the wilderness between vampire-occupied cities. Once, he was accepted. Then the experiments changed him. Now his own people want him dead and the Elders cannot be allowed to learn his secret. Neither Elder nor Shifter, Kaiden lives alone in the crumbling slums of Brooklyn until he saves a young vampire from a plot headed by a powerful east coast Alpha.

Tay is supposed to be his enemy, but Kaiden feels a connection to her. Like him, she’s an exile, cast out by the ones who should have been be her family. Together, the two make a pact for the sake of humanity. But vampire-occupied New York City is a dangerous place, and circumstances soon tear Tay and Kaiden apart.

Plagued by doubt and stalked by Elder and Shifter alike, can Tay and Kaiden find a way to stop the bloody war that has already been set in motion? Or will fear and mistrust end their revolution before it can even begin?


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