The Thunder Legacy by Kathryn Le Veque

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Welcome to THE THUNDER LEGACY – the world of the Lords of Thunder and their greatest allies.

Enter a world of the Lords of Thunder, key knights in Simon de Montfort’s battle against Henry III, and the endless adventures and powerful passion that rule their lives. Deeply intertwined in England’s politics, they draw upon their closet allies for support and strength – the house of de Winter and the house of de Moray. Related to the House of de Lohr by blood and marriage, the House of de Shera also harbors a dark secret… will it be their final undoing?

Discover the bonds of men who have shared life and death together, where the loyalty of the brotherhood is stronger than blood.

This exciting series contains:

The Thunder Lord – Eldest brother Gallus, the leader, finds himself pledged to an unexpected bride in Book One.

The Thunder Warrior – Middle brother Maximus, the strength of the three, must fight for the woman he loves in Book Two.

The Thunder Knight – Youngest brother Tiberius, the cunning one, has an unexpected change of heart in Book Three.

The Gorgon – Bose de Moray is a tournament knight with a dark and deadly secret.

Lespada – Davyss de Winter bears the sword of his ancestors, Lespada. Will his unwilling bride show him his destiny?

Join the three de Shera brothers and their greatest allies on their quest for justice, peace for England, and ultimate love in this bestselling series of Medieval England. Read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited.

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