The Spirit Hunter and the Shifting Evil by Brenda Nichols

New Release

Sentinel Book 3

Evil prowls the mountains of Montana, a dear friend in its clutches.

Calico has been taken beyond the tracking skills of her shifter clan. Beth doesn’t abandon friends, no matter the personal risk. Her ability to speak with the dead may provide the answers to bring Calico home.

But something else is at play in a much bigger game, and Beth has a target on her back. What awaits in the rocky crags of the Bitterroot Mountains is a creature she’s never faced. She must rely, more than ever, on the bond with the man who loves her to save them both.

Todd is irrevocably linked to Beth through a bond they’ve shared since childhood. He is her protector, her anchor to this world. When the unthinkable happens, he turns to ancient Voodoo magic tattooed on his skin and the advice of a dead friend to guide him.

With an old score to settle and new challenges to conquer, Todd is in for the fight of his life and the life of the woman he loves.

If evil wins, more will die, including an innocent child, and time is running out.

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