The Treasure of Love by Meara Platt

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Her life was a lie, but his love was real.

Another blazing hot Brayden hero is about to meet his match as he goes on the run with a beautiful bluestocking and The Book of Love.

Donal Brayden is the Crown’s top agent and he will need all his wiles to protect the bookish Luciana Lessing from the villains who are after her. He has no idea who they are or why they want her, only that they will go to extraordinary means to kill her. As he takes the beautiful bluestocking into hiding, he realizes two things. First, that Lucy is not the Lessing’s daughter but her necklace may be a clue to her true identity. Second, that he is falling in love with the brainy beauty. But how does he protect her from an unknown enemy determined to take her life? And how does he protect his heart?

Luciana Lessing grew up feeling like an outcast in her own family. Her parents doted on her sister, but mostly ignored her, never once showing her affection. Nor does she have any suitors now that she is of marriageable age. What is it about her that makes her so unlovable? When she comes across The Book of Love, she is determined to read it and find out. More important, when a vicious attempt is made on her life, she needs to discover who wants to kill her and who she is really? Donal Brayden, the agent of the Crown assigned to protect her, seems to believe she is someone special. As they try to unravel the mystery of her true identity and those of the villains who are after her, she finds herself falling in love with Donal. But can she, a girl unloved by anyone, possibly win his heart?

Enjoy this next installment in the humorous and heartwarming, bestselling Regency romance Book of Love series.

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The Book of Love
Book 1 – The Look of Love
Book 2 – The Touch of Love
Book 3 – The Taste of Love
Book 3.5 – The Hope of Love – Novella
Book 4 – The Song of Love
Book 5 – The Scent of Love
Book 6 – The Kiss of Love
Book 7 – The Chance of Love
Book 8 – The Gift of Love
Book 9 – The Heart of Love
Book 10 – The Promise of Love
Book 11 – The Wonder of Love
Book 12 – The Journey of Love
Book 13 – The Treasure of Love
Book 14 – The Dance of Love

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