Right Place by Lexy Timms

New Preorder Release

It wasn’t supposed to turn out like this. When I walked away from Sam to be with Trevor it was so I could have the future I’d always wanted. But I soon found out life with Trevor wasn’t what I dreamed and it all fell apart. I fled to California and now I’m trying to live a new life, running a vintage shop, and missing Sam. When I find out he’s playing a show nearby, I can’t resist seeing him again. I hope we can start over, but I’m worried. It’s been years and he hasn’t reached out to me since I turned him down. And if we do discover each other again, will I be able to handle the truth about the years we spent apart?

Rae refusing to come with me was hard to get over, but I didn’t have a choice. I had to keep going. I tried to live my life and find someone new, but I couldn’t love anyone like I love Rae. It left me with a son, but still no partner. When I see Rae again, I have no question in my mind we are still supposed to be together. But my career hasn’t changed. And I wonder if she will be willing to try again when she finds out it’s not just about me anymore.


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