The Lottery Winner by Pat Hanratty

New Release

Reawakened Mysteries Book 4

The story of two men who share a deep connection and karma.

“The Lottery Winner” is a short story about Tom Wolfe, an attorney who has compromised his ethics to achieve success and Cal Petersen, his biological son who have two things in common: a photographic memory and big feet.

Down and out Cal robs Wolfe and nets a winning lottery ticket, which he uses to go back to school and become a lawyer and defend Wolfe in court. He wants to tell Cal that he sired him but dies before he can.

Wolfe reincarnates as Cal’s biological son, Oliver, which, when revealed, opens a can of worms resulting in Cal discovering he was adopted and that Wolfe had killed his mother.

What will Cal will do to and with little Oliver now?

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