DLG Publishing on Kindle Vella

New Releases

Pat Hanratty **The Psychic I


Jonathan Gull works as a psychic for donations. The city won’t allow him to charge clients, so he resides in a boarding house. One night, he attends a workshop and meets a woman who encourages him to play the lottery. After winning the lottery, Jonathan moves into a riverfront home. Life couldn’t be better, that is, until a client seeks the name of her husband’s killer; his estranged mother decides to visit; a line of people demanding his services blinds him to the potential dangers.

** Mary Mary- Faith Justice **


A blind sculptor witnesses to a string of gruesome murders by a deranged, love-obsessed serial killer, who murders his victims to bring homage to…

Taylor Lee** Kindle Vella** New Episodes in the Resilient Hearts series.


Trusting him could get her killed; trusting her is his only chance to survive. Love carved from vulnerable moments make a bond not easily broken. Not all love is healthy, though. Farra SinClair, lost at sea during war, grew up a servant to humans. This half Mur Queen, half Helyein Princess, knows her father’s enemy hunts for her, and she has done everything she can to hide. But when her friends force her to stray from safety, her worst fear comes true. She’s held captivity by her nemesis.

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